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Internet Based Water Delivery


From the wettest to the driest places on Earth, water is still one of the most valuable resources there is.


The Jigsaw Water Management System controls the delivery of water from wells and reservoirs directly in to mobile bowsers accounting for every drop delivered.

The user presents a ID device (a touch key or a non contact tag) to the system which is validated against a central, web based list of acceptable devices. In this way, lost or stolen keys can be instantly disabled. If the key is valid, this fact is passed back to the delivery site along with the maximum volume of water to be delivered.

With the delivery complete, the details are passed instantly to the central web server so that the data you see is virtually live from all water delivery sites on your network. Because the data is web based, it can be viewed from anywhere on the Internet, at you PC or even a web enabled mobile phone. Your customers can see all their drawings as they happen, the system operator can see all customer drawings, in summary, or down to individual deliveries.

Each key can be limited to a maximum daily delivery limit. All limits can be set centrally through the web site and are not dependant on data on the key, so that limits can be changed on all sites in seconds.

Systems can be mains powered, or may be powered from a solar charged battery system allowing installation at even the most remote sites.






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